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October 08 2013


Why Wedding Videography is better than Wedding Photography

Every small girl is dreaming of her own wedding day. All the years that pass after that in the waiting of this day to come, make it even more exciting and anticipated. Daydreaming of it makes the expectations really high and the wedding day has to be perfect in order for the bride to be fully happy. Apart from all of the other parts of the wedding preparation, there is one really important thing you have to consider if you are getting married - whether to use wedding photography or wedding videography. Of course, this choice is not that difficult, since you can even choose to have both of them on your wedding - that would be no problem if you can afford it. However, if you have really decided to choose only one of these two options, then you need some more information which one is better. Perhaps, the logical answer to this is the wedding photography. Years and years of this has proved to be successful. People in past and many people nowadays use wedding photography and are more than happy with it. If you are willing to do it in a different way and give a chance to the wedding videography as an alternative, because you think it will best fit your own wedding, then do that. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people who decide to replace the old wedding photography with wedding videography. Because of the advancements in technology, people can make digital videos, music, as well as edit the videos. You can also capture many more moments than you can with wedding photography. Videography offers the possibility to capture the wedding vows, which is the only possible way, since photographs cannot capture your voice and expression while you are saying it to each other. You can also record the whole ceremony, how you walked down the aisle, the face of your future-to-be husband, the anticipation and excitement, the love in your eyes as you look towards him. Everything can be recorded and watched over and over again for years. If you think your wedding dance is worth remembering, then you definitely need a wedding videography, since this is the only way to really capture this exciting moment. Also you can record the toasts your family and friends make for you and your future happiness. You can just sit down and think of all of those little moments that happen during your wedding day, which only a video can represent well enough. You can also easily have the video edited if you want something to be changed. If you are interested you can read more about it here. Wedding videography http://unique-colours.com/blog/ offers a wide arrange of options which were not possible in the past when people could only use wedding photography. Do not be afraid to try it on your own wedding, because many people who tried it are happy that they did so.
wedding videography
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